Photocopying & Printing



New photocopier in Reference
Photocopier, first floor


  • On the 1st floor, two photocopy machines are located across from the restrooms near Reference.
  • On the 3rd floor, there are two photocopiers outside the Multimedia Center and one in Special Collections.
  • On the 4th floor, you will find two copiers opposite the atrium, at the east side of the Library.

Paying for Your Photocopies

Current cost for photocopying is 10¢ per copy. Some photocopiers will accept your VikingCard for payment. All copiers will also accept coins or bills. See the Library's rules for Providing Change. Refunds for failed copy jobs can be obtained at User Services.


In general, print jobs sent from Library computers are directed to different printers throughout the Library. Where you pick up your printed copies depends on which floor you are on and which computers you are using.

For CSU Students, Faculty, & Staff

Print station in Reference area
Print station in Reference area, 1st floor

On the 1st floor, CSU students using the computers in the Reference area (including the ADA workstation) or the Quick Look-UP terminals near User Services may pick up their printed copies in the Reference area.

The printer in Reference is also the destination for print jobs sent from the Quick Look-UP terminals on the 2nd floor

Students printing from Library computers on either the 3rd or 4th floors need to go to Multimedia Services (3rd floor) to retrieve their copies.

Color printing will only be listed on library computers that have a color printer attached. There are two color printers; one in the Reference Center on the 1st floor and another in the Multimedia Center on the 3rd floor.

Printing for CSU students is available at no charge from all library computer stations. At the start of every semester, CSU allocates $80 of free printing to each student’s account. When a page is printed, 4 cents is automatically deducted from that account. For color printing, 50 cents is subtracted. And if the entire allocation is used up before the semester ends – unlikely, but it could happen – more pages can be purchased.

Printing Instructions for CSU Students, Faculty & Staff
  1. If you are a current CSU student, faculty, or staff member, you will be automatically* connected to the University's Papercut printing system when you log in to any of the Library's non-Community Borrower computers. A window will open showing the remaining balance of your print allocation for the current semester.
    *See instructions for How to Manually Add a Papercut Printer on the CSUNET Domain if you are not automatically connected.
  2. Before you print a document, use the program's "Print Preview" function to confirm how many pages you will be printing and to see how the printed pages will look (web pages frequently do not print the way they are displayed on the screen). If you are satisfied with the print preview, select "Print". If you do not see the Print Preview option or the preview does not look like what you see on the screen, please ask for assistance at the nearest service desk.
  3. In the Print dialog box that appears, select the printer you want to print to. The default is set to the black and white printer nearest to the computer (your prepaid printing account will be charged $.04 per page). For color printouts, click the drop-down printer "Name" menu and select the nearest printer with "color" in its name (your prepaid printing account will be charged $.50 per page). Click "OK" when you are done.
  4. Note that most of the University’s public printers now print two-sided (duplexed) by default.  To change this setting, click the "Properties" button next to the printer name.  On the "Paper/Output" tab, under "2-Sided Printing" options, select "1-Sided Printing" to print single-sided pages only, and then click "OK" to close the Properties window.
  5. Click the "OK" button in the main Print dialog box when you are ready to print your document to the printer you selected.  For assistance finding a printer, ask at the nearest service desk.

Students can go to Check My Print Balance to monitor their allocation usage.

For Students Who Have Used Up Their Printing Allocation for the Semester...

Students can purchase additional non-refundable printing in increments of $4.00 (Four U.S. Dollars) in person or online via Shopnet. See detailed instructions below:

  • In Person:
    • Fill out a Cash Payment Form.
    • Take the completed form to the Cashier's Office in MC 115.
    • Take your receipt to one of the following locations to have your print quota increased:
      • Mobile Campus, UC Atrium
      • IS&T Call Center, RT1104
  • Online via ShopNet:
    • Go to the Shopnet website.
    • Fill in the required login information
    • Be sure to select "General Purpose Lab Printing" in the column at the right of the page.
    • Click on the "Continue" button.
    • Decide on the printing option you prefer and click on the "Add" button.
    • Click on the "Check-out" button.
    • Enter Credit Card Holder Information.
    • Enter Credit Cardholder Billing Information.
    • Enter Mailing Information.
    • Click Continue.
    • Be sure to print a receipt.
    • Take your receipt to one of the following locations to have your print quota increased:
      • Mobile Campus, UC Atrium
      • IS&T Call Center, RT1104
Refunds for Failed Print Jobs:

To get your allocation credited in the event of a failed print job, call the Help Desk at ext. 5050, or call Dan Mortimer, General Purpose Lab Manager at x5049. You will need to provide your student ID number, the date and approximate time of the print job, and the lab you were printing in. They will be able to match up the print job with the system that maintains all of the print balances, and refund whatever was charged for the job that failed.

Staff at the Mobile Campus laptop loan counter in the Student Center can also remove charges for failed print jobs.

For Community Borrowers

Community borrowers may use the workstations reserved for their use in the Reference or Special Collections areas. They may pick up their copies, at 10 cents/copy, at the User Services Desk. Color printing is unavailable to Community Borrowers.

Instructions for Laptop Users

If you are using a laptop that is logged into CSUNET and you wish to print from one of the Library's "Papercut" printers, you may have to manually add it to your computer. See instructions below for doing so.

For Windows 7

  1. Click Start > Devices and Printers.
  2. Click "Add a Printer".
  3. Click "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer".
  4. Click "The printer that I want isn't listed".
  5. Select "Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature"
    and click "Next".
  6. Double-click on the name of the printer you want to install.  See the sticker on the front of each printer to determine its name in the system.
    Be sure to install a printer that has "" as its Server Name.

For Windows XP

  1. Click Start > Printers and Faxes.
  2. Click "Add a Printer".
  3. Click "Next".
  4. Select "A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer"
    and click "Next".
  5. Select "Find a printer in the directory" and click "Next".
  6. In the Find Printers window, if you know the name of your printer, enter it in the "Name" field, or enter "RT" in the Name field to limit the search, and then click "Find Now".
  7. Double-click the printer you want to install.  See the sticker on the front of each printer to determine its name in the system.  Be sure to install a printer that has "" as its Server Name.


When in the Library, please direct any questions concerning the Cash Management Center, printers, photocopiers, or microform printers to the nearest service desk. While the equipment is intended to be self-serve, you may welcome a little help, especially the first time.

For more information, call the User Services Center at (216) 687-2478.