Computer Labs in the Library

The Assistive Technology Lab

Student using a text magnifier

The Assistive Technology Lab, located on the first floor (RT 103), is designed to serve students with special needs. Its six computers are equipped with large monitors, DVD drive, CD-RW drives, zip drives, flatbed scanners, and easily accessible microphone and headphone jacks.

The lab provides adaptive technology for students and faculty with visual, physical, or learning disabilities. Those with physical impairment will find adaptive keyboards including a mini-keyboard for students with limited movement, enlarged keyboards, and screen-displayed, hands-free keyboards that can be controlled by head-mounted devices.

Equipment for individuals with visual impairments includes software that will scan text, enlarge text and pictures, read text back, allow editing and saving as Word files, and print in Braille or enlarged text. Lab assistants are available to help users with the equipment. A PC with a text magnifier is also available in the Reference Center.

The Assistive Technology Lab is a collaborative effort of the Library, the Office of Disability Services, and the Department of Occupational Therapy. Only students with disabilities, registered with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities may use this lab.

Hours for this lab differ from regular library hours.

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Laptop Plug-In Connections

Electrical and network outlets are provided to plug in lap tops in several locations in the Library:

  • first floor Reference Center
  • in the southwest corner behind the Library Computers @ Learning Commons (LCLC)
  • in both of the Library Connection Lounges
  • fourth floor in the southeast, southwest, and northwest corners

The second floor study carrels and Multi-Media Services on the third floor are also equipped with electrical outlets for laptops and other appropriate research/study appliances, but do not have wired network outlets. See floor plans.

Wireless network access is available throughout the Library.

Library Computers @ Learning Commons (LCLC)

A view of the LCLCThis 56-station lab is located adjacent to the first floor Reference area and is used by Faculty and Librarians for group hands-on computer instruction and to to facilitate the use of information technology in the classroom. It is divided into two separate electronic learning spaces; one accommodating 32 students, and the other, 24 students.

Each space has an instructor's computer station that can be used to control all of the computers in the area. Instructors can easily display a computer screen to the entire class, distribute files, and more with the Net Support School instruction software. A SmartBoard can also be scheduled.

PCs in both the front and back labs are all loaded with the following :

Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Publisher), Roxio (CD recording), Internet Explorer and Firefox Web browsers, Windows Media Player, Capri Geometry II Plus, PASW/SPSS, and Virtual Chemistry Lab.

See Computers in the Library for a more complete list of available software and hardware.

Please consult our policy for the Use of the Library Computers @ Learning Commons.

The Multimedia Lab

Using Macs in the Multimedia Lab

Located within Multimedia Services in RT 301, the Multimedia Lab provides members of the CSU community with the resources to review audiovisual media and to create effective multimedia material of their own for class presentations and projects.

The lab features Internet access, multimedia production software, language learning applications, scanners, CD and DVD recorders, and knowledgeable staff to provide assistance. The lab is open to all faculty, students, and staff with a CSU ID. Hours for this lab may differ from regular library hours.

The MMS Lab features:

  • 15 PCs with scanners; DVD-RW/CD-RW drives; Microsoft Office 2007; software for viewing/listening to DVDs, CDs, and multimedia on the Web; Adobe graphic, multimedia, and Web design software; and DVD/CD recording software.
  • 10 Mac G-4s with Microsoft Office for Mac, various language learning applications, and Apple multimedia software
  • 10 specially configured Tandberg audio recorders to facilitate foreign language learning Audio cassette and CD duplicators for instructional material Equipment for review of video and audio material in a variety of formats
  • Headphones for use with the PCs (available for checkout from the Multimedia Services Desk)

See Computers in the Library for a more complete list of available software and hardware.

Writer's Lab

A view of the Writing Lab

Located in RT 302 within Multimedia Services, the Writer's Lab is a joint venture of the First-Year Writing Program and Michael Schwartz Library to provide additional support for students enrolled in First-Year Writing courses.

The lab's primary use is for computer-assisted classes for developmental writing students. Other writing teachers may arrange to use the lab for classes. The lab is also used to support library instruction, particularly for courses in the First-Year Writing Program.

The Writer's Lab features:

  • 25 Student PCs with Internet access, DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drives, USB ports
  • Software: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office 2007, Roxio CD Creator
  • For the instructor: SmartTouch panel, DVD/VCR deck, NetSupport School software

See Computers in the Library for a more complete list of available software and hardware.