Finding Articles and Journals

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The Cleveland State University Libraries provides access to full-text articles from literally thousands of journals, magazines, newsletters and newspapers. Locating exactly what articles you need for your research can be overwhelming, but here is a brief FAQ to answer some of your basic questions and get you started. You can also watch streaming videos on selected help topics wherever you see this icon: Video Help

Why should I use journal articles when I can find what I want with Google?
Journal articles are a valuable source of academic or scholarly information. Many journal articles are peer-reviewed (assessed by experts in the same subject area) before being accepted for publication. This peer-review process adds to the quality, accuracy and authority of the information. Journal articles, then, are a more reliable source of information than many Internet resources, which should be critically evaluated before using for your research.
Read what OhioLINK has to say about this.
How do I start?
Start by using Research Databases. The CSU Library provides you with access to thousands of electronic indexes, commonly referred to as "research databases". We have organized the research databases into lists arranged alphabetically or by subject. Research databases will often provide a link directly to an online version of a journal article.
Can't decide on a research database?
Try Academic Search Complete Video Help. This research database is generally a good starting point for many subjects. You can also search several research databases at once using WorldCat@CSU or Article Search.
What if the research database doesn't have a link to the full text?
Usually clicking the OLink "Find It" button in the citation will tell you if the Library owns the print copy of the journal. You can also search the Library's catalog, Scholar, by the title of the journal, magazine of newspaper that contains your article. Scholar will tell you if the Library has the issue you need. Journal A-Z List is also an excellent source of every journal title we make available, in print and electronically.
What if the Library doesn't have a copy of the journal I need?
Registered students, staff, and faculty may submit a request to Interlibrary Loan Services. Generally, they will obtain copies of the articles you request within 7-10 days.
Can't wait?
Try looking in JSTOR, a service which provides electronic access to the full text of the backfiles of selected academic journals.
Still need help?
Ask Your Personal Librarian.