Integrated Media Systems & Services

The Media Production Unit

IMSS provides, video, audio, graphic arts, and multimedia production for CSU's faculty and staff to enhance classroom teaching. With the addition of the Digital Production Unit from 3rd floor Library to IMSS on the 8th floor, the familiar front counter once again becomes the focal point of the production services areas. Whatever your needs or questions, you can stop by the counter and get the information you need, drop off and/or pick up materials between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.


Samples of Media Production Creations

Video Production provides support for classroom or instructional tapings and shoots. Taping almost entirely in digital (DV) format, your finished production can be output to DVD, DV or VHS tape. V.P. can provide shoots in your classroom or in its studio facility located on the 7th floor of Rhodes Tower. In addition, your finished production, or a video tape that you provide, can be streamed to the Web by making arrangements with IMSS. Start by selecting the Video Production page and reviewing your taping needs. Then call IMSS with any questions or requests.

Mediasite Link to Mediasite catalog

t's a whole new way of taking your class or presentation to the World Wide Web! Streaming video with PowerPoint Presentation sychronized! Right to the web! Go to our Presentation Catalog for list of CSU Mediasite productions. Then start rethinking about how you present to your class!


Poster designed by IMS

IMSS Graphics creates original, innovative artwork for slides and overhead transparencies, computer generated graphics for attention-getting video productions, and illustrations that bring new life to your research and publications. We work with our clients to interpret their ideas into various types of products and projects. Graphics produces original art and designs utilizing Adobe Creative Suite software (including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign), develops and produces printed materials, including the design and layout of books, brochures, fliers, pamphlets and other sorts of publications. Graphics can create original artwork such as drawings, logos and icons, maps and color and black/white illustrations that possibly are to be used in the layouts for the above mentioned materials as well as for powerpoint presentations and for distribution over the web.


Our audio studio is near completion of its transition to digital format and offers broadcast quality recording and editing services in CD, reel-to-reel and cassette formats. Taping is done in the IMSS studio, located on the 8th floor of Rhodes Tower. Lectures, language instruction, and voice-overs for video productions are some of the many services we provide.


The IMSS Multimedia Unit can provide either computer-ready media components or integrated multimedia presentations and Custom media from any of our other production units can be delivered in digital formats. We can output your digital files such as video files of various formats, PowerPoint presentations or image files directly to CD,DVD and/or color slides.

The IMSS MultiMedia Unit is now moving into full interactive multimedia projects for output for web-based instruction, disk or kiosk. Watch this site for a short demo project.

With the addition of a Primera BravoPro, the MultiMedia Unit now has multi-disk duplication services along with full color disk printing! Supply your own design or let the IMSS MultiMedia/Graphics team design a label for you.

MultiMedia is also bringing back in-house film processing! Color slides, B&W negative film, 35mmm or larger will soon be available through IMSS.

* Please note that IMSS requires that we use our own blank media, such as DVDs or CDs, due to incompatibility issues with our equipment and the need for a printable disk surface. We also no longer adhesive labels for DVD to eliminate potential problems Please contact IMSS if you have any questions.