Integrated Media Systems & Services

Interactive Video Distance Learning (IVDL)

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson at CSU
Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson teaches in a Cleveland State Distance Learning Classroom

What is IVDL?

IVDL is included as part of Integrated Media Systems & Services. We are a group of teaching professionals, network engineers, and audio visual experts that specializes in synchronous distance learning technologies. It is our job to create and maintain the technology found in distance learning classrooms, to assist in the network connections and the bridging of videoconferencing and to provide assistance for instructors teaching on the CSU campus as well as off campus at other learning institutions.

We currently maintain 14 interactive video distance learning classrooms on the three CSU campuses. Our goal is to continue to make the distance learning technology transparent to the instructor and students; to become no more obtrusive than the lights, carpet and walls. At the same time it is our goal to integrate new technologies into the classroom so more dynamic learner-centered content and teaching can take place.

IVDL instruction is being utilized to bring additional offerings to students at the new East and West centers, University Partnerships, and other academic institutions.

See Distance Learning Definitions for more information.

What we can do for you

The IVDL Staff can provide training on the distance learning equipment and consult on making instructional materials more effective for the distance learning environment.

Looking to the future ...

Cleveland State is in the process of enhancing this classroom technology to make it more user-friendly for students, instructors, and academic partners.

Looking into starting a new distance learning class?

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For more information regarding IVDL, contact:

Bruce Jeppesen, Director
(216) 687-2364